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MBC Securities Limited

MBC Securities Limited (MBCSEC) is a trading license holder of the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NgX) and the National Association of Securities Dealers Limited (NASD OTC). MBCSEC holds the Broker/ Dealer license of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC, NG) and has been a broker, dealer and securities dealing firm in Nigeria for more than 20 years. The firm’s specialties include;

  •         Equity Trading
  •         Fixed Income Trading
  •         Investment Advisory
  •         Market listing Services
  •         Portfolio and wealth Administration

MBCSEC has been active in both the primary and secondary segments of the Nigerian capital markets. We service a rich clientele base of institutional investors and high net-worth individuals, helping them fashion out the most optimal investment strategies to generate superior returns on their investments. Please see our Group page for details of our directors and management team.

Service Offerings

Our fixed income traders provide primary market access and secondary market trading to major FGN and CBN instruments; Treasury bills, OMO bills and Commercial papers. We also provide secondary market liquidity on those instruments and provide easy exit for investors at minimal cost.

Our investment advisory team provides listing and delisting on all Nigerian bourses. We serve as stockbrokers to capital raising, shares acquisition, divestment and various other capital market transactions.

This is designed for investors who wish to benefit from trading opportunities which may arise periodically on the Nigerian stock market. Our professionals are available to provide investment advice to our clients and assist them in taking short, medium and relatively long term investment decisions.

Requirement of MBC Securities Equity Account

  • A minimum of N5,000,000.00 (Five Million Naira), this may be in cash or stocks or a combination of both
  • Completion of our Account Opening Form
  • Two passport photograph
  • Other means of identification; International Passport, Drivers Licence, National Identity Card

Benefits of MBC Securities Equity Trading Account

  • Access to fast and efficient service with on line reporting of trades
  • Valuation reports are provided on request ( with a minimal charge)
  • Access to our Research Reports
  • Prompt execution of trades

Whatever your investment objective is, Long term, Short term, Capital Growth or Income Growth based, it can be achieved. REST is a product specially designed and packaged for our retail non-discretionary clients. This service is targeted at investors who wish to acquire a portfolio of stocks in a seamless and efficient manner.
And because MBCSec is interested in helping you achieve your objective, REST gives customers the opportunity of opening an account with a concession of up to 90% from our current minimum Account opening balance.

This is a self-managed portfolio account, where account must be funded before purchase is made and payment date for sales is T+3 days as stipulated by the regulators. Commissions are based on the approved regulatory charges.

Why Should I Subscribe to REST?

REST Clients would:

  • Receive MBCSEC’s Daily Pricelist
  • Market Report
  • Weekly Reviews
  • Company Results, and
  • Information on Corporate actions.
  • Receive Dividends and Bonuses in their name
  • Be able to quantify their benefits thereby aiding them in calculating return on investment
  • Have direct access to their benefits
  • Build their knowledge and exposure to the capital markets through continuous communication and MBC research.
  • Strengthen their savings and investment culture
  • Also, offer for sales, offer for subscription, rights issues and private placements* are all open to REST clients.


Customers can have a walk-in chat with our Customer Care Representatives, no appointment necessary.
Customer fills account opening forms indicating REST as type of account- You may download the form from the link below.

Account is opened at/in:

ii. In-house
iii. Mailing List
iv. CSU Feedback Directory
v. Website:      https://mbcgroup.com.ng
vi.Social Media Handles: MBCNigeria

We receive mandates from customers via

  • Personal visit and filing of appropriate mandate forms
  • Email
  • Phone calls and SMS
  • WhatsApp messages

Customers receive confirmation that their account is established and active

Click here for REST form


The WEALTH TRACKER is a specialised suite of services packaged by MBC Securities Limited and is designed to assist investors to solve the challenges associated with lost or incomplete portfolio records while, recovering any lost or unclaimed dividends, lost shares and certificates bonuses and other associated benefits of their investments.

Purpose of the Wealth Tracker

Many investors have suffered sub-optimal returns on their portfolios as a result of inefficiencies in the Nigerian investment system. Some of the inefficiencies relate to lost information, out dated information, poor record keeping and negligence and in some cases infrastructural deficiencies in the system.
These factors have led to a huge amount of unclaimed dividends, bonuses and loss of other corporate action benefits.
MBC has now packaged the WEALTH TRACKER suite of services to assist investors to recover their lost benefits and receive consolidated and complete information in a timely way.

Service Highlights

The services under the WEALTH TRACKER will focus on the following specific areas;

  • Global Search and investigation
  • Dividend Warrant Tracking, E-dividend Processing
  • Recovery of lost certificates (bonus/rights/public offer)
  • Certificate dematerialization
  • Portfolio Consolidation.

Attraction of WEALTH TRACKER

  • MBC Wealth Tracker does not require physical presence of the client. MBC will carry out this process with just a mandate letter duly signed by you.
  • We maintain close relationships with registrars for prompt attention to clients’ request
  • MBC wealth Tracker prevents frustration and loss of capital and returns
  • It is cost effective, efficient and worry-free.


This process is projected to take concluded swiftly, subject to complete documentation. The processes involved are as highlighted below;

  • Collection of all the necessary documents and signing of the mandate letter
  • Conduct intensive search at CSCS and Registrars
  • Ascertain the stock position
  • E-dividend processing and Revalidation
  • Account opening form completed and opened with CSCS
  • Stock migration from the Registrars and other investment houses
  • Account consolidated
  • Inter-member transfer

Next Steps

The next step would be to speak to one of our investment advisers.

Ismail Lawal                                                  08079214500


Uju Egwuatu                                                  08138485868


Cynthia Ezeani                                                09032458044


Titus Oyafemi                                                  08138485868



Investment Opportunity Hotlines:



The NIDA account is an investment account that allows Nigerians in the diaspora to invest in Nigeria across a wide range of asset classes for short speculation and longer term value investing. MBCSec NIDA provides clients with the opportunity to invest in fixed income, quoted equities, private equity stock and real estate depending on their objectives. The product allows clients to open accounts online, send in their trade instructions online and receive their account statements online. NIDA account holders may also nominate a representative in Nigeria to deal on their behalf.* Subscribing to the product gives the client access to all MBCSec research reports and other services such as asset management and personal financial advice etc.

Accounts can be opened with a minimum of $5,000.00 or its equivalent in GBP or EUR.


To open an account, click here

  • Scanned copies of account opening forms and supporting documents can be sent via email (to: enquiries@mbcgroup.com.ng) while the original copies should be sent by post.
  • Account details will be sent to potential clients only after completion of account opening documents. Required documents for NIDA account opening
  • Properly completed Account Opening Form
  • Passport Photograph.
  • Valid proof of Identification – International Passport OR other supporting IDs like Residence Permit OR Work Permit (necessary to confirm client’s status). An option of Other Countries Passport for the residence permit/work permit will suffice.
  • Proof of source of funds (Any one of the following is acceptable: Employer’s reference, Letter of employment, Work ID or Recent Payslip, Evidence of Business registration, Business Bank statements or Banker’s Business reference).
  • Proof of address (Any one of the following is acceptable: Current Utility bill not exceeding two (2) months, last 6 months Bank statement, or copy of any letter received within the last 3 months from existing Banker).
  • Attestation of passport and photocopies of attached documents (2 to 5) by a Referee who could be a NOTARY PUBLIC, Nigerian Embassy Official, Account Holder (Any Bank) or MBC Sec Staff. Referees would include Name, Address, Contact Phone Number and Email Address.
  • Completed Indemnity Form.
  • Power of attorney in cases required *
  • Endorsed Transfer Forms
  • Purchase/ Sale Mandates
  • Startup Minimum Deposit

This product is designed to provide a one stop shop for the administration of our clients’ portfolio. It covers areas such as change of address, replacement of lost share certificates, conducting of a comprehensive stock audit and other related services.
PASS has been further designed to offer a range of services to suite the different administrative needs of our clients.

These include:

  • PASS Regular: Collection of share certificates, warrants, statement of account, Indemnity Forms etc.
  • PASS Classique: Change of name, address, and mandate
  • PASS Optimum: Stock audit, revalidation, account merger
  • PASS Premium: Dematerialization inquiries, special account, e-credits, consent letters
  • PASS Premium+: Portfolio valuations, certificate replacement, correction of names

MBC’s Equity Research team provides clients unique views on market trends, sector weightings and preferences, as well as customized quantitative perspectives. Working across equity and fixed income markets, the strategy team seeks significant market trends, themes, and investment strategies that lead to improved returns.

Equity Research
MBC’s Equity Research team provides clients unique views on market trends, sector weightings and preferences, as well as customized quantitative perspectives. Working across equity and fixed income markets, the strategy team seeks significant market trends, themes, and investment strategies that lead to improved returns. The team carries out comprehensive research works on equities and thereby gives sound recommendations as well as timely update on the stocks under our watch list.

Fixed Income Research
The experience, knowledge, and commitment to serving the interests of our clients make MBC’s Fixed Income Research department one of the most innovative and insightful. Our research analysts leverage years of experience and industry relationships to provide a deep and technical understanding of fixed income markets across FGN bonds, Treasury Bills, Corporate Bonds etc. The team gives weekly update on the activities in the fixed income market as well as giving recommendations on some attractive fixed income instruments.

Market Research
MBC’s macro research team offers high-level insights into trends across markets as well as timely commentary about political events in an ever-changing world. Our macro analysts are recognized for their detailed and thoughtful analysis of economic indicators, the accuracy of their forecasts, as well as their insights into the implications of government policies. The team also makes available any economic and political reports that might directly or indirectly affect our clients, Economic reports such as GDP, Inflation, MPC meeting outcome, Exchange rate etc.

porate Bonds etc.

We provide execution services for the purchase and sale of listed equities, movement and transfer of shares from one house to the other and portfolio administration services.


Account Opening/Update


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can have more than one stockbroker

Yes. Your shares on CSCS can be used as collateral for obtaining a loan, In just the same way as the certificate. Banks however now prefer stock already listed on CSCS as collateral.

Yes you can transfer your account between stockbrokers by filing out an inter-member transfer form for all the stocks you’re transferring and having your existing broker sign off on the transfer.

Two numbers Identify the shareholder on the CSCS, the alphanumeric CSCS number and the investor’s account number, the alphanumeric CSCS number remains the same irrespective of the stockbroker your account is domiciled with but your Investor’s account number will differ.

Dematerialization can take anything from 1 week to a few months depending on the schedule of the stockbroker, registrar or issues that may arise from the dematerialization process.

You can participate by buying shares through:

  • Primary Issue: – often advertised in the news media and with posters in banking halls and stock broking offices. This is not a regular event
  • Secondary Market: – This market occurs every working day, and all you need is to give purchase or sale orders to your stockbroker e.g Mbcsec
  • Some Commitment (Money & Time):- Like all things worth doing, you need a quantity of this

The Central Securities Clearing System is an organization responsible for keeping electronic records of all share transactions that are effected on the floors of the Nigerian Stock Exchange and from the dematerialization process.

As a shareholder you are entitled to:

  • The right to attend annual general meetings
  • Dividends
  • Bonuses
  • Rights offer to acquire more shares
  • Capital appreciation. However, be aware that depreciation can also occur
  • Dividend Income: – A slice of the company’s profit In proportion to the units of shares held
  • Tree Share” – Bonus
  • Saving Strategy for the future
  • Leveraging Benefits i.e. you can use it to borrow In the future
  • Emergency backup i.e. as a safeguard for your financial future
  • Right to attend Shareholders meeting and company’s annual general meeting (AGM)
  • Right to vote during AGMs
  • May give you a seat on a company’s board depending on company policy

Share certificate verification or dematerialization refers to the process of converting the documentary certificate, by the registrar’s confirmation of the shareholder’s details and signature, into an electronic record kept by the CSCS.

A rights issue is an invitation by the company to existing shareholders to acquire more of the company’s shares. This invitation unlike a public offer Isn’t open to the public and may usually be offered at a discount to current market price.

A shareholder holds a unit of share in a company while a unit holder holds a unit of share in a fund, which pools together money to invest in the shares of various companies.

  • Regulators i.e. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).
    Investors i.e. individuals, organizations etc.
    The Stockbroker, who remains the most useful market operator to the Investors. As it is only through a broker that the investors can buy and sell shares on the stock exchange,
  • Registrars
  • Issuing Houses
  • Banks
  • and other Unit Funds e.g. Pension Funds, Insurance Companies etc.

Companies whose shares are traded on the floor of the exchange.

It does not take long to be able to find out the following:

  • Competence: Are they competent? Do they know what they are talking about?
  • Character: are they credible?
  • Integrity:  What is their antecedent?
  • Agreeable Terms: Is the term of providing service agreeable to you?
  • Service: do they provide adequate feedback proactively. What is their service delivery like?

The custodian of the list of registered members of a company. Also plays an active role in the dematerialization of the certificate for conversion to electronic record with the CSCS.

Services include:

  • Buying and selling of securities (Shares and Bonds} ;
  • Research and advice on investment; which shares to buy or sell and the best time to do so
  • Securities management (looking after your portfolio of shares) and
  • Much more depending on their depth of expertise.

Our Management



MD, MBC Securities Ltd

Toyin joined the firm from Morgan Stanley (U.K). He is a fellow (FCIB) of the chartered institute of bankers of Nigeria and an associate (ACS) of the chartered institute of stockbrokers of Nigeria (CIS). He is an experienced investment banker and has garnered a wealth of experience working with various firms in Nigeria and the United Kingdom (UK), spanning securities trading, investment management and Corporate Finance.


Olusegun AJAYI

Olusegun AJAYI

Chief Compliance Officer

Olusegun Ajayi is a Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA) with over 20 years post qualification experience and also a Certified Insolvency and Business Re-engineering Practitioner (CIP). He previously worked at NAL Bank Plc, MBC International Bank Limited and First Bank of Nigeria Plc before joining MBC Financial Services Group



Group Head Support Services

Dele is the Group Head Support Services with major responsibility for monitoring necessary internal operations and ensuring quality performance in the discharge of company’s activities in accordance with the whole system of controls financial or otherwise as laid down by the Board and Management. Dele graduated with a degree in Accounting (2nd Class Upper Division) from University of Lagos in 1991. He is a Fellow of Institute of Chartered accountants of Nigeria with over twenty years post qualification experience. He has experience as a Company Accountant, Finance and Admin Manager, Consultant; External and Internal Auditor. Dele previously worked with Henry Okide & Co. (Chartered Accountants); Gevies & Co Ltd.; Gladstone Kukoyi & Co. (Chartered Accountants); Wordsmith Printing & Packaging Ltd.; Summit Finance Company Ltd. (member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange). He attended a number of relevant local courses and is a certificate holder in “Management Skills for World Class Performance” obtained from London Management Center, London.

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