GTB Plc. HY’2020- Profit after tax dips by 4.90% to N94.27 billion

GTB Plc. HY’2020- Profit after tax dips by 4.90% to N94.27 billion

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Stanbic Plc HY’2020 showed an increase in bottom-line result as profit for the period grew by 24.72%. Interest income declined by 9.30% from N60.78 bn in HY’2019 to N55.13 bn in the current period. Net interest income went down by 4.48% from N39.31 bn in HY’2019 to N37.55 bn in HY’2020. Profit before tax advanced by 17.37% from N44.65 bn in HY’2019 to N52.41 bn in the current period. The increase in profit before tax is attributable to a 94.63% increase in trading income, and supported by declines in key expenditure line items, such as; the fees and commission expense and operating expense, which both went down by 5.41% and 3.06%, respectively. Profit after tax went up by 24.72% from N36.25 bn in HY’2019 to N45.20 bn in the current period, due to a 14.31% decline in income tax expense. Consequently, Stanbic recorded a 22.51% increase in earnings per share from N3.42 in HY’2019 to N4.19 in HY’2020. The company proposed an interim dividend of N0.40. Stanbic currently trades at N37.50.

Please find attached GTB Plc HY-2020 result analysis.  


Click here for the full result analysis.

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